About Us

Our company is establish in 1983

Our bussiness subject, is to stock TITANIUM base materials, and to sell them in every quantities (small and big).

We are stocking Titanıum, BARS- SHEETS- TUBES and WIRE.

Our stocked titanium are mainly GRADE 2 and GRADES 5 (Ti6Al4V) quality.

All our stocked materials has their own CERTIFICATES and they are according ASTM-ISO norms.

We can also organize and offer the productions of machine parts and components produced from Titanıum.

Our Stocked Titanium Materials

  • Bars
    1. A- For industrial use GR 2 and GR 5
    2. B- For Surgical implant aplications ASTM F136 ISO 5832-3- GR 5 ELI
  • Sheets
    1. A- For industrial use GR 2 and GR 5
    2. B- For surgical implant aplications
  • Strips
  • Tubes : Seamless and welded
  • Wires
  • Fasteners : Bolts-screws-nuts-washers

The Superiority Of Our Stocked Titanium

  • Low density:4,51 gr/cm/3 (in comparison stainless steel density-7,8gr/cm3- Titanium is % 43 lighter)
  • Higher mechanical resistans
  • Higher corosion resistans
  • Melting point 1650 C
  • High resistivity against some strong acids and chemichals (for more details please ask, by indicating the acid and chemical name)
  • Titanium is anti tocsic and doesn't react with micro organism
  • Titanium is Antimagnetic